PPV Results

Hardcore Heaven '99

The show began with Joey Styles in the ring. He was interrupted, however, by Chris Candido and Tammy Lynn Sytch, who came out and announced that they had hired some "protection" for the World title match later in the evening with Taz. The protection turned out to be six time ECW World Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz. Taz' music played and he hit the ring, thus starting the main event.
-ECW World Heavyweight Champion "Human Suplex Machine" Taz defeated Chris Candido (with Tammy Lynn Sytch) by submission to the Taz-mission in under a minute. The Dudley Boyz then hit 3D on Taz, who was carried out of the Arena. The Dudleys then challenged any team to a match, as they have done at the last several PPV's.
-ECW World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz (with Sign Guy Dudley & Joel Gertner) defeated Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley when The Dudleys pinned Mahoney following the 3D. Balls accepted the challenge, and was later joined by Spike. However, they could not overcome the tag champs.
-Super Crazy defeated TAKA Michinoku following a Crazy Bomb (powerbomb cradle).
The Dudleys Boyz discovered a hit list in the locker room with Joel Gertner. They then attacked the first man on the list, Nova.
-Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated "The Extreme Stud" Little Guido (with Big Sal E. Graziano) following a brainbuster.
In the locker room, The Dudleys attacked "Rugged" Rod Price.
-"The Man to Beat" Lance Storm (with "Beulah") defeated "Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer (with "Head Cheerleader" Francine) following a spin heel kick off the top rope. Storm had stuffed a trash can over Dreamer's head, and then hit the kick off the top.
The Dudley Boyz attacked Jack Victory in the locker room area. Taz then challenged the Dudleys to a handicap match for the main event.
-ECW World TV Champion "Mr. PPV RVD" Rob Van Dam (with "The Man Who Calls it Right Down the Middle, the Manager of Champions" Bill Alfonzo) defeated "The New F'n Show" Jerry Lynn following a 5-star Frog Splash. This one went for over a half hour, a TREMENDOUS match. I can sum it up in four words: Match of the year.
-Justin Credible came out and told the world how he had grounded the Great Sasuke, caned the Sandman out of ECW, and broken Shane Douglas' ankle in his own hometown of Pittsburgh. "Judge" Jeff Jones then appeared, and informed Credible who he would be matched up against.
In the back, the Dudley Boyz (along with a returning "Big" Dick Dudley) attacked Chris Chetti.
-Sid (with "Judge" Jeff Jones) defeated "Hardcore Icon" Justin Credible (with "Sexiest man on Earth" Jason and Jazz (AKA "Namelesswoman")) by disqualification when Lance Storm interfered. After the match, Storm and Credible set Sid up on a table, but Sabu appeared and attacked both Lance and Justin. He set Credible up on the table along with Sid, but Storm pulled him off before Sabu could put him through the table. Instead, it was just Sid who was put through the table by Sabu, as Storm and Credible ran for the back. Afterwards, Sid turned on Jeff Jones and powerbombed him twice.
-ECW World Champion "Human Suplex Machine" Taz defeated ECW World Tag Team Champion Buh Buh Ray Dudley (with Sign Guy, D-Von & "Big" Dick Dudley and Joel Gertner) by submission when Buh Buh Ray submitted to the Taz-mission. Before the bout, Taz had declared "FTW" rules (falls count anywhere, no DQ).

Living Danerously '99

Before the ppv started Stephen Praizak was outside the arena and caught up with Taz.
Taz made some comments about Flair,Austin and Hogan saying how he could beat them all.

Then the show opened with Joey Styles in the ring basically telling the fans how great tonight was gonna be.

Living Dangerously PBP Match 1 Super Crazy vs Tajiri
Match started off quick with a drop toe hold by Crazy.
Back heel trip by crazy.
Tajiri with a hand spring into a back elbow.
Both men countering each others moves quite well.
They stopped for a second and the crowd gave them a standing ovation.
Crazy with a spring board moonsault press on the ramp.
Both men fighting on the ramp and Tajiri takes Crazy down with a head scissors.
back in ring and Crazy with a firemans carry.
Crazy hits 2 moonsaults in a row for a 2 count.
Crazy lets out a Owen Hart type yell. C
razy did another moonsault but this time Tajiri raised his knees and got up and kicked him right in the chest.
A very loud smack.
Tajiri with a flurry of lethal kicks.
Crazy misses another moonsault and tajiri baseball slide drop kicks him in the mouth.
Crazy went for a springboard and slipped off the top rope.
Crowd was all over him.They chanted You fucked up.
Tajiri hit a huricanrana but Crazy rolled through and got the pin.
Winner:Super Crazy
After match 1 the camera went backstage for a interview with Sabu,RVD and Bill Alfonso.RVD was funny.As usual,he was cutting down Sabu every chance he got.

Match 2 Steve Corino vs Ballz Mahoney
Steve Corino was in the ring talking about how he didnt need steroids to look good or to wrestle in foreign lands to be respected.
Crowd started chanting Sid.
ACDC music hits.
Ballz and Axl come out.
Joey says this is an unscheduled match.
Ballz hits the ring and starts whipping Corino.
Corino hits a baseball slide dropkick.
Outside of ring and Ballz clotheslines Corino.
Back in ring Ballz scoop slams him and goes to the top and hits a frog splash for a 2 count.
Ballz to the top and misses the New Jersey jam.
Corino hits Ballz with a superkick to the face.
Corino picks up a chair and places it down and sits on it and locks on a sleeper on Ballz.
Ballz gets out and decks Corino with the chair and gets the 3 count.
Winner:Ballz Mahoney

Match 3 Antifaz del Norte vs Lil Guido Big Sally was at ringside with Guido.
Guido hits a side italian leg sweep from the 2nd turnbucle.
Guido clotheslines Antifaz for a 2 count.
Crowd chants boring.
Antifaz with a dropkick to the back.
Antifaz hits a nice spinning heel kick.
Antifaz ended up on the outside and Big Sal put him through a table.
Sal throws him back in ring and Guido locks on a Sicilian crab and Antifaz taps out.
Winner:Lil Guido

Match 4 Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam TV Title Match
Before the match Styles gave a lil bit of info about Lynn.Styles said Lynn was in WCW under the mask of JL about 3 years ago.I knew of JL but didnt know it was Lynn.
Lynn starts off with a head scissors and RVD rolls through.
Crowd chants RVD.
RVD with a shoulder block.
High cross body by Lynn.
Leap frog by Lynn but gets caught with the atomic drop.
Tie up again,side headlock by Lynn.
Lynn clotheslines RVD and sends him outside and hits the guard rail hard.
Lynn hurdles himself outside the ring on RVD.
RVD tries to get back in but gets baseball slide dropkicked by Lynn and ends up in the 1st row.
Lynn springboards into a high cross body clearing the 1st row landing on RVD.
Back in ring,RVD with a stomp to the back of the head on Lynn.
RVD went for the springboard but Lynn dropkicked him off the ropes,RVD hit chin first on the rail.
RVD hits a guiloteen(sp?) legdrop on Lynn off the guard rail.
Lynn starting to clutch at his right knee.
RVD pulls Lynn's head over the apron and RVD climbs the guard rail and hits another guiloteen leg drop. Back in ring and RVD hits a backbreaker on Lynn.
Alfonso throws in a chair.
RVD locks on an inverted surfboard.
RVD rolls through,sets up the chair,misses the monkey flip and Lynn catches him and powerbombs him on the chair for a 2 count.
Lynn tried a piledriver on the chair but RVD reversed it with a back body drop on the chair.
Lynn to the top with the chair but Alfonso grabs his leg.RVD climbs up top with him.
RVD takes the chair to the head twice.
Lynn falls off and through a table.
RVD goes to the outside and picks up Lynn and puts him back in the ring and RVD gets a 2 count.
RVD powerslams Lynn.
RVD tried a split legged moonsault but it backfired on RVD. Both men fighting over the chair and Lynn takes it between the eyes.
Both men exchange several 2 counts.
Lynn with a german suplex for a 2 count.
Lynn going up top but gets caught but then turns around and hits a swinging ddt from the turnbuckle onto the table.
Both men not moving.
Both men come to.
Back in ring and Lynn gets a 2 count.
RVD clotheslines Lynn.
Both men looking very tired.
RVD with a scoop slam and hits a tumbling cinton splash for a 2 count.
Lynn hits a ddt for a 2 count.
The bell rings out of no where.
Styles says the time limit is up.
Lynn is calling for 5 more minutes. John Finigan,the ref,was gonna award Lynn the match up but Lynn wants
5 more minutes to win it fare and square.
Crowd chants 5 more minutes.
Finigan allows for 5 more minutes.
Lynn hits a hard piledriver on RVD for a 2 count.
Alfonso throws the chair at Lynn,Lynn duck the vandaminator once but the 2nd time he gets it right in the face.
RVD goes to the top and hits a 5 star frog splash and gets the pin.
Winner and still TV camp:Rob Van Dam
One of the best matches ive seen in a while.No doubt!

Before this match started they showed a clip from earlier tonight when Jasmine St Clair was in the ring with Mr Wright.
She was proclaiming herself as the new queen of wrestling.
Francine came out and Jasmine said "Cant you see im talking?"
Jasmine then pushed Francine and turned her back and started talking again.
Francine hits the stunner on her and then does it to Mr Wright.
Francine then leaves the ring while the cameras show Wright and Jasmine in the ring hurting.
Match 5 Mustafa vs New Jack
New Jack came out with a whole trash can full of shit.Weapons are everywhere.
New Jack hits Mustafa in the head with a guitar.
Both men start fighting in the crowd.
New Jack goes head first into a wall. M
ustafa drops the elbow into the chest.
New Jack sets up a table and lats Mustafa onto the table.
New Jack has a roll of electrical tape and tapes Mustafa to the table.
New Jack starts walking to the top of the arena.
Holy Shit!
New Jack jumps at least 20 feet from the balcony.
Styles is freaking.
Crowd starts chanting holy shit.
The 2 are so hurt that security helps them back to the ring so they can finish this.
New Jack is busted open.
New Jack makes a cover and gets the pin.
Winner:New Jack
The Dudleys walk to the ring and begin to attack New Jack. Dvon and Buh Buh hold New Jack so Gertner and Sign Guy can slap him.
Gertner gets on the mic. G
ertner was saying some funny stuff.Classic!
Buh Buh gets on the mic and says that ECW doesnt have anybody that has the guts enough to get in the ring with them tonight.
Buh Buh makes an open challenge to the locker room.
Spike Dudley and Super Nova accept the challenge and come to the ring.
They get their asses kicked. Styles said that Nova had already had a wrestling match live before the ppv.Dark Match.
Buh Buh picks up Spike Dudley and throws him into the crowd.
Buh Buh with a cinton powerbomb from the top on Nova. 3D on Nova.
Dudleys getting alot of heat.You could hear the crowd cussing at them. 3D on the ring announcer,Bob Ortiz.
Buh Buh gets on the mic again and says there is nobody left.
Buh Buh starts trashing the crowd and makes an open challenge to the crowd.
Then he starts saying how there is no MAN with guts enough to get in the ring.
Judge Jeff Jones comes out and says hes bringing Sid.
Sid walks to the ring.
Buh Buh on the mic again and start trashing Sid.He called him a fag.
Dudleys start going to work on Sid.
Sid double choke slams the Dudleys.
Sid powerbombs Dvon and throws him out of the ring and goes after him.
Sid places Dvon on the stretcher that Jones brought out with him.
Spike Dudley has made his way back to the ring and is beating on Buh Buh.
Spike knocks Dvon off the stretcher.
Spike with a guiloteen leg drop on Buh Buh.
Sid throws the stretcher at Dvon.
Spike hits the acid drop on Buh Buh and the ref makes a 3 count.
Sid comes in the ring and powerbombs Spike.
Sid powerbombs Spike off the rampway and onto a table.
Crowd chanting Sid.
That was the end of that segment.

Match 6 Justin Credible/Lance Storm vs Shane Douglas/Tommy Dreamer
Justin came to the ring wearing a Shane Douglas tshirt.
Dreamer and Storm start off the match.
Storm clotheslines Dreamer.
Dreamer with a neck breaker on Storm.
Shane and Justing now fighting and Shane delivers a vertical suplex.
Shane chops justin in the chest.
Justin comes off the top and gets flap jacked by Shane.
Dreamer with a side slam and a elbow to the face of Justin for a 2 count.
Dreamer locks on the abdominal stretch on Justin.
In comes Storm but gets cut off by Shane.
Storm and Justin double team Shane.
Storm drop kicks Shane and tags in Justin.
Justin chops Shane.
Storm tagged back in and gets belly to back suplexed by Shane.
Justin with a jaw breaker on Shane.
Storm and Justin steadily making quick tags.
Justin stomps down Shane.
Justin misses a baseball slide dropkick and gets racked on the ring post. D
reamer tagged in and side russian leg sweeps Justin.
All 4 fighting on the outside now.
Shane sends Storm into the ring post.
Back in ring and Dreamer power slams Storm.
Dreamer driver on Storm for a 2 count.
Dreamer was about to do the Spicolli driver on Justin but Storm sukerkicked him in the face.
Justin and Storm double team Dreamer while the refs back is turned to Shane.
Dreamer hits a jaw breaker on Justin.
Storm gets tagged in and cuts off the ring.
Storm does a 1 handed vertical suplex on Dreamer.
The other hand he was flipping off the crowd with.
Justin tagged back in and comes off the top with an elbow on Dreamer.
Justin and Storm double suplex Dreamer on the ramp.
Dreamer with a hangmens neckbreaker from the top turn buckle on Storm.
Shane raises the 3 fingers to Justin and Storm then pushed Dreamer over.
Then they all raise the 3 fingers then Shane clotheslines both of them.
The girls hit the ring and start fighting.
Francines hits a stunner on Tammy Lynn Bytch and a cat fight breaks out.
Francines leaves the ring and comes back with a ladder and perches it over the top rope.
Dreamer picks up Justin and drops him on it.
Shane comes off the top on Storm and gets a 2 count.
Shane with a gorbuster on Storm.
Shane ddts Storm and hits a belly to belly on Justin for a 2 count.
All 4 men now fighting.
Dreamer falls face first into Storms crotch.
Justin with the cane and he is about to hit Shane with it but Francine grabs the cane and delivers a roundhouse kick to Justin.
Shane rolls him up and gets the pin.
As Dreamer,Shane and francine were walking out Cyrus(The Jackyl) came out and said something to Francine.
Storm and Justin come off the top rope and clothesline Dreamer and Shane.
The fight ends up in the ring again and Justin is caning the hell out of dreamer and Shane. C
yrus comes into the ring and delivers a low blow to Francine.
Francine lays there hurt as Justin and Storm walk out.
After the match they show some highlights from the ppv.
Stephen Praizak is in the back with the ref who called the Lynn/RVD match.
They were talking about how he was gonna award the match to Lynn but he wanted 5 more minutes.
RVD came in and interupted and challenged Lynn to challenge him again at Hardcore Heaven May 16th.

SABU vs TAZ for the ECW Heavyweight Championship
Taz gets on the mic and makes this match not only a unified belt match but a falls count anywhere match. Both men feeling each other out early. Sabu punches Taz. Taz punches Sabu. Both men grappling in the middle of the ring. Taz gives Sabu the Brooklyn Boot to the side of the head.
Sabu hits a springshot somersault legdrop on Taz. Sabu throws a chair at Taz. Air Sabu connects in the corner and down goes Taz. Baseball slide, Taz into the railing. Sabu hits a triple jump plancha onto Taz in the crowd. Sabu sets up a table. Taz lays him on it. Taz on second rope but gets caught. Sabu hurricanrana's Taz. Taz catches Sabu and hits a Tornado Bomb.
Alphonso was going to throw in the towel but Sabu stopped him. Taz throws Sabu off the ramp again! Alphonso throws a chair at Taz and Taz chases him to the locker room. Sabu hits a low blow. Sabu applies the camel clutch
Both men on the ramp. Taz throws Sabu off the ramp. Sabu comes back up and into the ring they go. Sabu dropkicks the knee of Taz. Sabu sets up a table. Taz throws Sabu into the ring. Taz belly to belly Tazplexed Sabu over the top rope and through a table. They took out a cameraman doing it! Taz hits Sabu in the jaw. Blood pouring from the mouth of Sabu. Sabu hit an Arabian Facebuster. Taz hits a low blow and connects with a pumphandle Tazplex. Sabu smashes Taz with the chair. Sabu hits a Triple Jump Moonsault. Taz hits a head and arm Tazplex. Fight goes back to back but only one man overcomes.
Winner: Taz (ECW Champ)
(In-depth ppv results from Lordsofpain)

By Dave Scherer of http://www.1wrestling.com
They will show Paul Heyman early in the show doing a promo where he says that the card has been changed due to the fact that Masato Tanaka is not at the show. He also will say that Jerry Lynn's fractured pelvis has not healed enough to work. He will also say that they don't want Lynn to work hurt, since he is a great wrestler. He promises that Lynn will be back by 3/21, at Living Dangerously. He said that they will change the card around, and bring the fans the best show they can.
They preview for the show went live at 7:30. Word filtered back to the building that the C Band satellite distributor TVN was not airing the pre-show. I know that phone calls were made to fix it.
Before the show started, they did promos with Taz, and then Shane Douglas and Francine. I noticed before the show that Shane had a contusion on his head. Dunno where it came from.
The show started at the building at 7:37, when The One Man Gang and Rod Price hit the ring. Their opponents were Nova and Chris Chetti. Standard tag match which saw the heels get heat on Chetti for the first five minutes. Nova came in and had the match won, but Bill Wiles did his "time limit has expired gimmick". Gang attacked Nova and hit the 747. Wiles said that time was back in, and Gang got the pin. Chetti got into it with Wiles. Wiles came in the ring and said he could have first shot and said he would turn his back. When he did, Nova nailed him with a cool facebuster and Chetti covered him. Nova counted a pin on Wiles.
At 6 minutes of, Paul Heyman came out to ringside. The crowd loudly chanted his name. He fired them up with a mix of profanity and ripping on the WWF and WCW. It was typical Paul, and the crowd ate it up. He then made them aware of the injury situation that the fans at home on PPV would learn about in a few minutes. The fans did not really react about Jerry Lynn not being here, but booed when he told them Tanaka is not there. He said that RVD got to pick his opponent and the fans will be happy with who he chooses. He then brought out Joey Styles, to a huge pop. Joey worked the crowd up, until they went live.
The opener will have Danny Doring and Roadkill vs. The FBI (Tracy Smothers, Little Guido, Big Guido, Sal E. Graziano, and The Big Don, Tommy Rich). Two minutes in, out came Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten, with their chairs. Axl took the mic and said he was sitting in the back and it looked like "a homosexual dance party." Never seen one of them so I will just have to take his word for it! He said they were going to make this match what put ECW on the map, an elimination three way dance, and off it went. Good stuff, with guys all over. Balls got the first "ECW" chant when he did a splash from the top onto all the FBI guys on the floor. Roadkill got a two seven minutes in with a nice splash on Smothers. Guido made the save. The FBI eliminated Doring and Roadkill when they hit a double fisherman's suplex on Doring in eight minutes. The faces got the pin when Axl hit severe skull trauma on Tracy while Balls hit the Nutcracker on Guido in ten minutes. Afterwards, Big Guido and Sal came in the ring, before they could do anything, the faces wasted them with chairshots to the head. Good opening match.
They cut to a video package where Terry Funk did one of his cool parable interviews, where he talked about how his daddy slit the throat of his jack ass. He said his father did that because his jack ass turned on him. He said he is going to do the same thing to Tommy Dreamer because he chose Jake Roberts as his partner at the N2R instead of him. He said he would "juice" Tommy and see how much blood he had to bleed. He told the cameraman to get out.
Time to get crazy as Yoshihiro Tajiri took on Super Crazy. If you want a blow by blow on this one, read Tim's report tomorrow. I am gonna sit here and enjoy this one. It was a very good match that Tajiri won with a Dragon Suplex.
John Kronus came out, followed by Jeff Jones, who was wearing a judge's outfit. He said that he was the Judge, Jeff Jones. He said that he has already decided that Bill Clinton and OJ Simpson were Guilty as Charged. He said that Kronus was Guilty too and he was here to face charges. He said that Kronus laid him out last week in Lebanon, PA and he is Guilty as Charged. He said that he will face his executioner. He said he was a little but Psycho. Kronus said no one is as crazy as him, and out came Sid Eudy, to a big pop. Sid took a few shots from him and then chokeslammed Kronus over the top rope, through a table on the floor. Sid killed him with chairshots on the floor. The fans chanted powerbomb and he obliged, killing Kronus. Fans loved it.
They then aired a video package which chronicled the Taz vs. Shane Douglas feud, along with Taz taking out Sabu.
Out next were the Dudley Boys. Bubba said to send out anyone they want, and they will nail them with 3D. New Jack and Spike Dudley took them up on the challenge. Joel Gertner cut a fabulous, profane, Orlando based tirade that was just super. The Crowd popped huge for it. Bubba then told the crowd that they did not have a match on the show, and they were not supposed to be on the PPV. They said that the people don't deserve to see them fight. They challenged anyone in the building to fight them Dudleyville style, get out there now. New Jack and Spike took the challenge, to a big pop. Spike came out dressed up like Mustapha. Wild violence early. Bubba pressed Spike WAY into the crowd. They bodysurfed him a bit. Bubba got him and threw him into the other side of the crowd, but the fans let him drop. Ouch. The teams faced off chairs against guitars, but Big Dick got nailed. The heels then took the faces out with chairs. Bubba KILLED Spike with a Tiger bomb off the second rope. Jack piledrove D-Von in the floor. Jack was fighting both on the floor when D-Von hit Bubba by accident. Somehow, the Duds hit a variation of 3D on Jack on the floor. Dick went to hit Spike with a chokeslam, but Spike hit the Acid Drop on Dick, then D-Von. Then Bubba. He went to the well on Dick and missed. They hit 3D on Spike and got the win. Good match.
Afterwards, they handcuffed Spike to the ropes. They picked up Jack. Dick held him. D-Von read the commandments of Dudleyism and Bubba nailed him with a chair after all three of them. Jack juiced buckets. There were puddles in the ring. D-Von hit Jack with the 187. Bubba took the mic and said Spike and Jack were dead. He talked about every tag team that they had run out of ECW and then said that RVD and Sabu's days as tag champs were numbered. They said there is only one tag team left for them to beat to prove they are the greatest tag team in ECW history, and they challenged to the Public Enemy to show up at the ECW Arena on 1/16, which all signs point to happening, since the PE has reportedly agreed to work at least that date.
On TV they aired an RVD video package. At the building, Damage Control and Dr. Marque Allen came out to attend to the fallen Jack and Spike. as Jack was walking to the back, he fell off of the rampway.
Joey Styles came back and said that Lance Storm will now take on RVD in the match for the TV Title.
And out Lance came, with Tammy Lynn Bytch. Lance took the stick and said that there would not be a Three Way Dance with him, since Spike already took a beating and that Jerry Lynn was in the back crying about a cracked him that he gave him. He said that he is a champion from Calgary, and he wants a belt. Then RVD came out, to a huge pop. Toward the end, the ref took an erreant Van Daminator and Storm had the pin. RVD then hit a Van Daminator from the top, but only got a two. A few minutes later, at about 18 minutes, RVD got the pin with a German Suplex, with no release. Good match, with a lot of strong spots.
After a cool video package covering the Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer feud, Justin came out with Chastity, Jason, and Jazzmyn (who ECW has not given a name to yet but will probably be calling "Jazz"). No Terry Funk though. Tommy came out next, dragging the ladder which would lead to the "Stairway to Hell", a.k.a. the Singapore cane that was hanging over the ring. Lots of psycho stuff as you would expect, and an enjoyable bout. They did a cool spot where a bloody Tommy got another ladder and both men climbed them to get the cane and Tommy hit a Stunner on Justin. Finally, Tommy got the cane and tied up JC in the ropes and was about to cane him when Terry Funk came out and nailed Tommy with a trashcan shot to the head. Justin hit "That's Incredible" on the ladder, and got the pin. Funk began beating him senseless with the trashcan. Funk chewed him out. Joey Styles begged Tommy to fight back.
Steven Prazak then did his interview with Taz, followed by Shane's bit.
They killed the lights and brought out Taz, in a good intro. Shane Douglas, with Francine, followed. At this point, they had 27 minutes left of airtime. They brawled all around the building, stiff and wild. Both got busted open, and some of the fans were getting a little too active, enjoying it a little too much, if you know what I mean. They finally came back to ringside and Shane placed a table upright in the corner. Taz eventually took a great bump into the table, breaking it in two. Shane brought another table in and Taz suplexed Shane through it. At this point, the lights went out and pyrotechnics lit the building up. Amidst them was Sabu, who hit an AWESOME double springboard clothesline on both men. He hit a springboard moonsault on Taz. A springboard legdrop on Shane, putting through the table. He then did a nice twisting splash on Taz, putting him through a table. The crowd was popping huge, chanting ECW. Sabu left, and Shane got a two count. Just then, Chris Candido and Tammy Sycth came out of the crowd, into thr ring. Tammy and Francine faced off. Their "men" pulled them apart. Francine was damn near naked. Candido nailed Shane and he and Tammy left. Taz stood up and locked on the choke on Shane. Shane tried to fight his way out but Taz finally choked him out. The ref dropped his arm three times, leading to the NEW ECW Heavyweight champion. Great match.
After the show went off the air, Francine helped Shane too the back as the fans clapped and chanted ECW. Overall, a really strong show. I got to watch the show on monitor and unless their were system farts in the uplink, this show was leaps and bounds better than the N2R in production. And as a show too. Good rebound for the company.
By Dave Scherer of http://www.1wrestling.com

ECW - NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER from New Orleans, Louisiana
The show opened with New Jack attacking Jack Victory in the parking lot and getting taken away in handcuffs. After the video footage, Joey Styles announced the card to the crowd. Terry Funk came out and took the mic from Styles. Funk ranted about not being invited to the matches and verbally attacked Tommy Dreamer. Funk was upset that Dreamer didn't call when he needed help.
* Blue Meanie & SuperNova vs. RoadKill & Dastardly Donny Doring
The crowd rose to their feet when the Blue Meanie set up and delivered the People's Leg Drop. Seconds after, Terry Funk came out and began slapping Meanie. RoadKill and Doring turned the match around, but not for long. Nova nailed Doring with a frog splash off the top rope and Meanie immediately followed with a Meaniesault. Roadkill made the save as there was only a two count. Meanie and Nova regained control of Doring and executed the Blue Light Special. After the match Terry Funk attacked Meanie and Nova.
Winners: Blue Meanie and SuperNova by pinfall after Blue Light Special.
* Tracey Smothers vs. Tommy Rodgers
An uneventful match saw Tommy Rodgers win with the Tommakazee. After the match, the two newest members of the F.B.I., Ulf Hermann and Mabel, hit the ring. Who could stop these two giants? Spike Dudley came out to see if he could continue to be the giant killer. Spike nailed Hermann with an Acid Drop and covered him. Mabel went to splash Spike, but nailed Hermann and Spike executed the Acid Drop on Mabel. Tommy Rodgers counted Mabel and Hermann out as Spike covered both.
Winner: Tommy Rodgers by pinfall over Tracey Smothers.
* Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn
Mikey Whipwreck and Tammy Sytch served as the special refs. The biggest cheers from the crowd came as Sytch showed off her best ASSet. Throughout the match, Tammy counted very quick for Lynn, but very slow for Storm. Whipwreck came in the ring and pushed Sytch. He then nailed Tammy Lynn Bytch and Jerry Lynn with the Whippersnapper. Storm hit Mikey with a low blow, but he thought it was Sytch. A confused Mikey nailed Sytch with the Whippersnapper and then reversed Jerry Lynn's roll up on Storm to give Storm the victory.
Winner: Lance Storm by pinfall with help from Mikey Whipwreck.
* Dudley Boyz vs. Balls Mahoney & Masato Tanaka (Tag Team Championship)
This was an extremely action packed match for such big boys. Just as the match started to resemble a match instead of a brawl, it turned into a brawl again. Balls and Tanaka took three solid chair shots to the head each and Tanaka was able to kick out of the 3-D. Axl handcuffed Big Dick to the ring post as Bubba Ray and D-Von argued because they didn't get the pin after the 3-D. As the Dudleys took control and brought tables into the ring, Rob Van Dam and Sabu hit the ring. Sabu and RVD set the Dudleys up on the tables and nailed them from off the top ropes.
Winners: Masato Tanaka & Balls Mahoney by pinfall. !New Champions!
* Justin Credible & Jack Victory vs. Tommy Dreamer & Jake Roberts
In an Extreme Death match, anything goes. Some of you are saying, "What the hell was Jake 'The Snake' Roberts doing in the ring?" Well, within one minute, Roberts showed more moves than the Warrior did in an entire PPV event. As Roberts was about to deliver the DDT, Rob Price and the One Man Gang came out to attack Roberts and Dreamer. Then...the music started. New Jack came out with Kronus to even the score. Dreamer nailed Justin Credible with a Spicolli driver and Roberts executed a DDT on the ladder. After the match Terry Funk came out to confront Dreamer. Dreamer told Funk he loved him and wouldn't hit him. Funk attacked Dreamer and left him laying on the ramp.
Winnners: Tommy Dreamer/Jake Roberts by pinfall.
* Triple Threat vs. New Triple Threat
If you have been in the WCW or WWF cave, the Triple Threat consists of Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow. The New Triple Threat has Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Taz. As Sabu and RVD came out to the ring, the Dudleys attacked them on the ramp. The lights went out and Taz hit the ring suplexing everybody in sight. After about 5 minutes of bedlam, the match started to resemble a tag match as RVD and Sabu dominated all the ring time. As a brawl broke out again, Shane Douglas found himself in the ring with Taz. Taz took Douglas on and locked him in the Tazmission. Sabu climb to the top rope with a chair and nailed Taz and Douglas with the Arabian leg drop. Sabu covered Douglas for the pin. After the match, Taz was a little more than upset with Sabu, but no real fight broke out.
Winners: RVD, Sabu and Taz by pinfall over Douglas.
Opening Interview:
Shane Douglas said that he was excited tonight because Bigelow will beat Taz up. Francine, who is as fine as ever, plays around with Joey Styles, if you know what I mean...
Match 1: Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible
A lot of technical moves involved. Near the end of the match, Justin's friends come on, but Lynn takes care of them. But Justin Tombstones Lynn off the top ropes, and gets the pin. Lynn was motionless
Winner: Justin Credible
Match 2: Chris Candido vs Lance Storm
Candido came in with Sunny! Near the end, her dress almost came off. Candido powerbombs Storm off the ropes for the win.
Winner: Chris Candido
Match 3: Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka
Very entertaining match. Tanaka powerbombed Awesome onto a table. Then Tanaka did his running elbow, and DDT'd Awesome onto a chair for the pin.
Winner: Masato Tanaka
Match 4: Rob Van Damn/Sabu vs Hayabusa/Hakushi
Sabu and RVD were having their usual arguements before the match, because RVD was taking all the credit. The match was a VERY entertaining back and forth match. Tables were used, and broken. Then near the end RVD and Sabu sets Hayabusa and Hakushi on tables, and both leg drops on them! RVD goes for the cover, but Sabu ends up pininng Hakushi for the 1, 2, 3.
Winner: Rob Van Damn/Sabu
Weapons Match between New Jack and Jack Victory will not happen tonight.
Match 5: Taz vs Bam Bam Bigelow
It was announced that this match would be a Falls count anywhere match. Very brutal and wild match, that went outside the ring and the crowd. Near the end, Taz DDTed Bam Bam through the ring ramp and then Taz applied the TazMission twice, and the second time Bam Bam tapped out. Douglas went wild and complained that Bam Bam was reaching for the ropes. Taz then taunted Douglas, who responded by throwing a TV Moniter to the concrete floor.
Winner: Taz
Match 6: Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Spike Dudley vs Dudley Boys
The Dudley came out talking trash, for a long time. Probably taking time for the weapons match that was supposed to happen. Pretty violent match. Near the end Buh Buh missed a splash and landed on a ladder(ouch). Dreamer apllied the DDT on the Ladder for the 1, 2, 3 win.
Then Jack Victory came in and smashes Dreamer' with a guitar. All of a sudden New Jack's music plays. Then everything went wild, weapons everywhere.
Winner: Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Spike Dudley

Wrestlepalooza '98

**Blue Meanie/Nova beat the FBI...Nova hits the Novacaine on Guido and gets the pin.Comedy match,with Meanie and Smothers doing their "dance off" during the middle of the match,with John Finnegan joining in...
**Justin Credible pinned Mikey Whipwreck...Excellent match,with both guys pulling out some extreme spots,including a suplex from the top of the guard rail onto a table by Mikey....
**during the Balls/Axl vs. Candido/Storm match,we had our first "Free Ric flair" chant come up
**Storm/Candido Retain their tag team straps by defeating Axl/Balls...Decent match,that ended when Candido pulled Storm off of a fallen Balls so that he could claim the pin.Sunny interferred in the match.Storm and Candido fought each other as they went to the back...
**It was tribute time in ECW,as Joey Styles introduced 4 of Georgia's favorite wrestling sons,Junkfood Dog (who got a HUGE pop),Dick Slater,The Masked Superstar,and "Bullet" Bob Armstrong.It was a nice little tribute to them...
**Shane Douglas came out,and he cut a promo on WCW and the WWF.Typical Shane "shoot" on guys like Michaels and "Dick" Flair,but it was done well,with much profanity surprisingly,although I think that it was okayed by the Cable Companies since right before Shane uttered his first bad word,the disclaimer popped up in the upper left corner of the screen.
**Shane said that as an old-school worker,he would give people the best match they've ever seen,despite his arm and sinus injuries.Taz comes out,to say that he isn't going to let Shane leave the ring until he hands over the World belt to Taz,since he is responsible for Shane's injuries.Taz tells him that he will have to hand over his belt just like his "little friend" (HBK) did to him.Taz proceeds to "Take out" Shane,getting him into a crossface,"busting up" his sinuses again.
We'll see if Shane goes through with the match,but I didn't think he would going into the ppv,so we'll see how Paul E. does this switch.My prediction...somehow,Rob Vandam will be the new ECW World Champ!!We'll see . :)
**BamBam Bigelow Pins New Jack with the Greetings from Asbury Park.Insane match,with it appears a legit injury to New Jack.Even after New Jack hurt himself,he still went to do the balcony drop,with a guitar shot,on BamBam.But Jack was so out of it,BBB had to carry him back to the ring and finish the match.Hope I'm wrong,but Jack really looked messed up.
**Sandman and Dreamer (with some help from Spike dudley) beat the Dudley's...Sandman goes out early with an injury,and the Duds beat on Dreamer,until Spike comes in to hit a couple of Acid Drops on the Duds,one of the drops was on the guardrail brought into the ring.Buh Buh was the recepient of that move.The Duds took control again with interference by SGD and big Dick.until Beulah nailed SGD in the Cajones,and Sandman came back to have a Caneshot Party on the Dudley's,finally hitting them enough to give Dreamer and Sandman a chance to hit Echo DDT's on the Duds for the pin.
**Sabu and Rob VanDam go to a time limit draw...the match started out slow,with the story given out that Fonz was with both men,and would see to it that it would be reffed correctly,so Jeff Jones was brought in to ref.Early on,both men trade wrestling moves,and VanDam grabs the mic,and says that they have fooled everyone,as Sabu and him have agreed not to beat each other just for the fan's pleasure.The "agreement" ends with a kick to Vandam's face by Sabu.
Match is paced,since they were going the distance.Lots of great moves by both men,including a rude reverse Arabian Press from the top rope by Sabu onto VanDam,who was hanging in between the ropes.Back and forth action,with Sabu kicking out of the Van Daminator,and Rob getting out of several high spot moves by Sabu.
Highlight..VanDam hitting a HIGH frog splash onto Sabu while he was on a table in the ring.Match ends with both men tring to get the win.Crowd chanting for 5 more minutes,but the ref and fonzie said no.VanDam says "anybody with half a mind,sorry Sabu..." lol.Excellent match...flat ending.I see this leading to an Iron man type of match,which is one match that we haven't seen in ECW,I don't believe.
**Shane Douglas retains the World title pinning Al Snow.I was wrong about my prediction,and much credit should be given to douglas for gutting out a match.This match was seemingly going Snow's way,he even kicked out of Shane's belly-tobelly finisher.Shane also didn't hold back,as he did an insane dive into Snow,with Snow standing in the first row.
The Triple Threat tried to interfere,but Snow nailed them with an Asai Moonsault.The locker rooms emptied soon after that,and the wrestlers surrounded the ring,giving the viewers the feeling that they were there to see a new Champ crowned.But Paul E. swerved us,as Shane kicked out of the Snow Plow,hit his finisher for the one-two-three.
Interesting story was told after the match,as the wrestlers came into the ring to hoist BOTH Shane and Snow on their shoulders,with both wrestlers reaching out their hands to shake.I think it was Paul's way of saluting Douglas for a very gutsy job.
Well,there it is,the Extremely Unofficial ECW reporter's report.Overall,I thought it was the best ECW PPV since BL,beating out LD because of the main event,and the only match on LD that approached Justin/Mikey or Sabu/VD was Taz/Bigelow,IMO.
Let the opinions begin....
David Lee T.

ECW's Living Dangerously!!
This was ECW's PPV on March 1st:
Jerry Lynn & Chris Chetti over F.B.I.
Masato Tanaka over Doug Furnas (Wing Kunamera no showed)
Rob Van Dam over 2 Cold Scorpio
New Jack & Spike Dudley over Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney & The Dudleys
Tommy Dreamer over Justin Credible
Bam Bam Bigelow over Taz (New ECW T.V. Champ)
Sabu over Sandman
Lance Storm & Al Snow over Chris Candido & Shane Douglas

ECW November to Remember on November 30, 1997 from the Golden Dome in
Pittsburgh, PA:
* Tommy Rogers vs. Chris Candido turned into Candido & Lance Storm vs.
Rogers & Jerry Lynn when Lynn & Storm interfered in the match. Candido &
Storm over Lynn & Rogers.
* Mikey Whipwreck over Justin Credible
* ECW TV champ Taz over Pit Bull #2 in about a minute. After the match, Taz
challenged Lance Wright's bodyguard, WWF wrestler Brakus.
* 4 Way Dance of Death: ECW Tag champs The FBI over Axl Rotten & Balls
Mahoney, New Jack & Kronus, & The Dudleys. The Dudleys eliminated New Jack
& Kronus, Balls Mahoney pinned D-Von Dudley, and the hell ref Jeff Jones
counted the FBI pinning Balls Mahoney in a wild match.
* Flag Match: No official winner because of interference. It was Tommy
Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam. The ref was knocked out. Beulah acted like a ref,
but Tommy couldn't pin Van Dam. All of a sudden, Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon
come down and attack Dreamer. Dreamer is met with a superkick, or should I
say, a Stevie Kick! Stevie Richards is back! He is with Vand, Furnas, &
LaFon. Van Dam pins Dreamer when Stevie, Furnas, & LaFon count to three.
Sabu comes out and clotheslines Beulah. The Sandman comes out to start his
match with Sabu.
* Tables & Ladders Match: Sabu over The Sandman
* Taz challenges the winner of the Bam Bam-Shane match at the next PPV
* Shane Douglas over ECW champ Bam Bam Bigelow in a very boring match.

ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on August 17, 1997:
* Show opens with Joey Styles in the ring, introducing everyone to the PPV.
Then, Rick Rude's music plays, and Rude enters the ring. Joey leaves. Rude
introduced Chris Candido to the ring. Then, Tod Gordon came out and told
Rude to leave, or Candido will lose to Taz by forfeit. Rude then left.
* ECW TV champ Taz over Chris Candido
* They showed footage of what happened before the PPV went on the air. The
band Insane Clown Posse were in the ring, when Rob Van Dam & Bill Alphonso
entered. Van Dam attacked both men, then Sabu came in and joined Van Dam in
the punking.
* Bam Bam Bigelow over Spike Dudley. During the match, Bigelow hurled Spike
from the ring into the fourth row.
* They showed more footage of the Insane Clown Posse being attacked, then
being rescued by The Sandman. The Sandman was attacked and beaten badly by
Van Dam & Sabu. The Sandman is put in the ambulance, and sent to the
* Rob Van Dam over Al Snow
* The Dudleys were introduced as the new ECW tag champs by forfeit. Porn
star Jenna Jameson was with them.
* ECW Tag champs The Dudleys over PG-13
* Tommy Dreamer over Jerry Lawler. During the match, the lights went out.
When they came back on, Rick Rude appeared and attacked Dreamer. The lights
went out a second time, and Jake Roberts showed up, and attacked Dreamer &
Lawler. As Dreamer set Lawler for the DDT, the lights went out again. When
they came back on, Sunny was in the ring, and sprayed Dreamer in the face.
Then Beulah had a catfight with Sunny.
* Shane Douglas over Terry Funk & ECW champ Sabu for the title. Shane &
Terry pinned Sabu first, when The Sandman interfered. Then, Shane pinned
Terry. Dory Funk Jr attacked Shane during the match. After the match, Shane
whipped Terry. Then, Joel Gertner came to the ring with the Dudleys. The
Dudleys beat up on Funk. Gertner asked Shane to dump the Triple Threat, and
to join The Dudleys. Chris Candido & Bam Bam Bigelow came to the ring.
Candido & Bam Bam brawled with the Dudleys. The wrestlers tried to break up
the brawl. The Triple Threat left, and The Dudleys cleared the ring. Axl
Rotten & Balls Mahoney ran in and attacked The Dudleys. Then New Jack & The
Eliminators hit the ring. Another brawl broke out. The Dudleys are cleared
out of the ring. Show ends.